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Male Chastity Belts

Male chastity belts are a comfortable and restrictive alternative to chastity cages. Distribute the weight over your waist with high-quality leather or steel chastity belts, all available in attractive locking and non-locking designs.

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When a chastity cage isn’t doing a good enough job at keeping your hands off your penis, you might think you’re out of options. This is the perfect opportunity to bring out the heavy equipment though. We’re talking chastity belts.

The Advantages of Male Chastity Belts

Far from their origins as mythical devices to keep medieval women chaste for their husbands, real chastity belts are the pinnacle of restriction for any man. Completely covering his entire genital region, there’s physically no way for him to get to his penis.

Ultimate Restriction

A chastity belt provides the most restriction possible from a chastity device. It covers the entire pelvic area keeping the penis far away from any wandering hands. Whether it’s a smaller style or a fully plated model, the additional straps which go around the waist and legs mean the penis can’t be pulled out no matter how hard you try.

Different Chastity Belt Styles To Choose From

For the most desperate men, you’ll want to choose one of our heavy duty steel models. These cover your penis with solid plates completely hiding your penis. For extra comfort, try a jockstrap style belt. These have leather pouches to hold your penis in place, while the straps going around the body are much smaller making these ideal for more casual wear.

Heavily Customizable Chastity Belts

With different ways to hold the slave’s cock, and plenty of ways to add attachments such as pee tubes and anal toys, you can make your chastity belt experience completely your own.

So if you’re looking for the greatest restriction for your penis, look no further than Total Chastity’s range of locked down chastity belts.

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