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Pink Chastity Cages

Embrace your feminine side and explore sissy male chastity! Choose one of our great pink cages and get ready to be emasculated by your partner.

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A chastity cage is as much for a woman as it is for a man. The sight of his penis being tamed and completely under her control can be intensely satisfying. And what prettier way to decorate his manhood than pink?

Feel Pretty in a Pink Chastity Cage

Whether you’re just looking for something a bit more attractive, or going all out with a full feminine outfit, pink cages are ready to provide just what you need. With the right balance of style and comfort, you’ll feel just as good as you look wearing them.

Comfortable and Breathable

All our pink cages are made from high quality silicone or plastic, meaning they stay comfortable even when worn for long periods of time. They also feature several breathable air holes to keep his penis cooler and cleaner. So you can stare at your new toy as long as you desire.

Lightweight and Subtle

Looking to get a little more risque in a public place? All of our pink devices are lightweight and subtle, so you can wear them anywhere. Just the thought of getting caught with one by your boss or friends could add an exciting new dynamic to your pledge.

Plenty of Interesting Designs

Just because these cages are all pink, doesn’t mean they’re all the same! Total Chastity’s range of pink chastity devices has plenty of unique shapes and looks to take your experience to the next level. Choose your favorite, or collect them all.

Explore Feminization

For many chaste men, feminization is a tantalizing prospect just waiting to be explored. While going out in a dress and a wig can take a lot of commitment, a simple pink cage is an ideal way to start exploring feminization fetishes and fantasies without going too far out of his comfort zone.

Humiliate Your Man

Lots of couples enjoy male chastity because it puts the woman in control, and takes away a man’s masculinity. What better way to humiliate him than putting him in a pretty pink cage? He’ll be nervous every time he goes to the bathroom and someone might see! You could even parade him around in front of all of your friends in his hot new prison.

Whether it’s just your favorite color, or you want to start exploring feminization or emasculation, Total Chastity’s pink cage range has everything you’re looking for from your next cage. Choose yours now.

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