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FuFu Clips

FuFu clips are the perfect tool for chastity training and feminization. Transform yourself from masculine to feminine with these gender-bending chastity training clips. Formed from metal or resin, they're perfect for sissies looking for the next step after regular cages.

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Femininity and chastity go hand in hand, but even though chastity cages can lock up your sexuality and leave it in the hands of a keyholder, they still leave you with a locked up penis. FuFu clips go a step further by inverting your penis and shaping your balls to look like a vagina, making them a favorite among sissies and anyone experiencing gender dysphoria.

High-quality resin and stainless steel forms Total Chastity's FuFu clips, promising your chastity training clips are long-lasting and effective at inverting your penis.

Get your technique right and hide the clip in your scrotum skin entirely, leaving only a cute sissy pussy behind. Or find your perfect color from discreet black, shining silver and gold, or the sissy favorite, pink!

Also Known as chastity training clips, FuFu clips are excellent chastity devices used to minimize the appearance of your penis and balls, hiding them from sight and making them look like a vagina. To do this, they invert your penis and hold your scrotum in a way that makes it look like female labia.

Using a chastity training clip is easy with practice. Start by placing the clip against your penis and pushing it flat against your body, then thread your ball skin through the middle clip. Pull it all the way through, leaving your testicles behind the clip, then pull the rest of your skin through the outer clip. Your cock and balls should resemble a vagina if done correctly. See a video guide here.

Chastity training is all about surrendering your masculinity and becoming submissive and feminine for your keyholder. FuFu clips help you do this by feminizing your penis and also preventing masturbation, which in turn makes you surrender control to your dominant and become subservient to their sexual control.

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