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Chastity Accessories

Enhance your pledge with Total Chastity's great range of chastity accessories. Try new types of sex toy, or find something to make your cage better than ever.

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Love Lube


There’s more to chastity than just cock cages. You can enhance your experience with a whole host of different toys and devices. Browse the Total Chastity accessory collection and see how you could improve your pledge today!

Customize Your Experience

Make your pledge your own by adding new elements to your relationship. Let your Mistress collar you to show you who’s boss. Take advantage of Keypod for a long distance chastity solution. Or pick up some lube to make getting that cage on easier than ever.

Try New Fetishes

Explore BDSM, cock and ball torture, animal fetishes, electrostimulation, sounding and penis insertion, anal play, and much, much more with our extensive range of chastity accessories.

Experiment With Different Sex Toys

Teaching a man the joys of leaving his penis alone is tough. But there are plenty of other body parts just waiting to give him pleasure. Try nipple play, anal play, or even using vibrators on his many sensitive areas.

Humiliate Your Man

One of the most enjoyed aspects of male chastity is humiliation. Many men love to be left at the mercy of their Mistress. Many of our chastity accessories are perfect for this, such as penis plugs, pretty butt plugs, or even a strap on to really show him who’s in charge.

Chastity is a journey to be enjoyed. Make your experience your own by choosing some chastity accessories and try something new today!

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