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Holy Trainers

Holy Trainer is the ultimate name in male chastity. These bio-resin chastity cages are renowned for their durability, comfort, and restriction—with innovative designs and locking mechanisms, they transform chastity with every version. Shop v1 to v5 and experience denial in luxury.

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Holy Trainer V1

From $36.99

Holy Trainer is a name that has become synonymous with male chastity. Iterating on the classic CB6000 designs, holy trainer cages are designed to bring you the best in male chastity.

Why Slaves Love Holy Trainer Chastity Cages

The design that’s stood the test of time, Holy Trainers are often a slave’s first choice when looking for a new chastity device. Providing comfort and style, and plenty of options, there’s plenty of reasons to make your next cage a Holy Trainer.

Our Chastity Devices Offer Comfortable, Ergonomic Designs

Holy trainer cock cages are designed with your comfort in mind. The shape is carefully created to give you a snug, reliable fit, so you can keep your cage on as long as you want with no issues. The materials are also soft and snug. You can be sure you’ll feel great while wearing one.

Chastity Cages Available In All Materials

This iconic design can be worn in silicone, plastic or steel. Whichever material you prefer, you can find the Holy Trainer that’s perfect for you.

Many Colors To Choose From

Whatever your favorite color, there’s a Holy Trainer made for you. With up to seven colors available, these are some of the most customizable cages in the entire Total Chastity collection.

Simple And Easy To Clean Cock Cages

With only two parts, your Holy Trainer is easy to assemble, and just as easy to take apart. Once you’ve taken it off, a simple wipe in warm soapy water will keep it ready for action whenever you need it.

When you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable chastity cage, look no further than the Holy Trainer. Available now at Total Chastity with lightning fast shipping today!

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