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Material Matters for Greater Cock Cage Comfort. Which Should You Choose?

Variety of Chastity Cage Materials

Ploughing hours into chastity cage research is a rite of passage for any newbie to the lifestyle. But the most wrestled-with question for beginners is: which cock cage material is best?

It’s easy to lose hours searching on forums, reading reviews, and studying product descriptions to find your answer, as you look for reassurance that a life in metal, plastic, or silicone will be the most comfortable. My own experience has shown me that it was only after I bought my first cage, had worn it for a while, and became more familiar with wearing a cage that I realized the actual answer.

The best material for your cock cage is the one that supports and enhances the style of chastity play you enjoy.

Sure, this might make me sound like a fence-sitter. But mindset is just as important as the physical fixtures and fittings when it comes to enjoying chastity, so acknowledge your goals and motivations when deciding what you want your cage to be made from.

With that said, this introduction to materials will explain:

  • What cock cages are most commonly made from, and why.
  • What’s good about these materials.
  • Extra things you may need to consider.
  • Cleaning and care tips.

By the end you’ll be a step closer to deciding what your first (or next) chastity cage should be made from. And, hopefully, save yourself some research time.

Silicone and Plastic Cages

Plastic and silicone cages are a popular recommendation if you’re buying your first chastity device. I’ll explain why in a moment. But generally, these cages are made from a body-safe silicone or resin, and plastics commonly used in sex toy production, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

What’s Good About Them

  • They’re generally quite light, so once the cage is on you may forget you’re wearing it.
  • Silicone and resin cages are malleable, offering some flexibility and will mould to the shape of your body for a better fit and greater comfort.
  • These ranges offer more style choices in terms of color and shape.
  • They’re less likely to set off metal detectors. (Useful if you travel through airports a lot.)
  • Silicone and plastic cages are generally more affordable.

Three Colors of Silicone Cage

Extra Things to Consider

  • These materials aren’t known for their breathability. Cages with an enclosed tube design can lead to more genital sweating making good cage hygiene even more important.
  • Extra sweating can lead to chaffing and rubbing. Use them with lubricant to minimize the risk of this.
  • Over time plastic can become brittle and silicone can weaken or tear, so these cages aren’t built to last forever. They will eventually need replacing.

Caring for These Cages

Cleaning with warm water and soap while you’re in the bath or shower is usually enough. But there will be times you need to remove the device for a deep clean using an antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner.

After washing, let it air dry. Using a towel or cloth can lead to fluff sticking the cage, especially if it’s a silicone one. This isn’t harmful but it does leave your device looking dusty and unclean. (Not ideal.)

Store your cage out of direct sunlight and in a case when not in use. Ideally your storage container will have holes or vents in it so the material doesn’t overheat, which can potentially affect how well it fits.

Metal Cages

Historical chastity devices were always made from metal, so there’s a touch of sticking with tradition when choosing one of these cages. But there’s more to them than an air of nostalgia.

Historical chastity devices were always made from metal, so there’s a touch of sticking with tradition.

What’s Good About Them

  • Metal is non-porous, so they’re body safe, hygienic, and really simple to clean.
  • The weight. They’re naturally heavier than other cages, so it’s harder to forget your predicament which some people find appealing and arousing.
  • They’re totally smooth with no seams, reducing the risk of chaffing.
  • Metal cages are hardwearing and long-lasting making them a sound option for permanent chastity play.
  • It’s more common for the metal cage designs to have larger holes and gaps, allowing for greater ventilation, reducing sweating that can lead to chaffing or rubbing.

Different Styles of Metal Cage

Extra Things to Consider

  • The downside to the weight of these cages is that slipping is more likely, which can lead to falling out. Getting the right measurements is even more important. And you may want to invest in some supportive underwear for extra reassurance.
  • External padlocks will rattle slightly when they hit the metal. Again, supportive underwear can help stop (or soften) this. But if you’re worried about noise, choose a style with a built in lock.
  • They’re rigid, with no give or flexibility, and can tug when you’re moving about. Some people find this uncomfortable, while others enjoy the sensation.

Caring for These Cages

Most of the chastity community agree that metal cages are more hygienic, and are quicker and easier to clean. Being non-porous means fluids, odours, or bacteria won’t get stuck in the material.

Using soap and warm water is fine, then rinse off and dry with a towel. The whole thing can be done in a matter of minutes, which is a benefit if you’re unlocking to clean.

When you’re not wearing your metal cage, keep it in a hard case. Yes, metal is tough but protecting it in a storage case will avoid any accidental dents or scratches appearing.

Leather Chastity Belts and Accessories

A cock cage made from leather is rare. Mostly because the material doesn’t offer the same restrictive sensation as firmer ones. But, the waist bands of chastity belts and some fetish accessories that pair well with chastity play are leather or faux leather, so it’s worth talking about.

What’s Good About Them

  • Leather is softer on the skin and lightweight so it’s comfortable to wear.
  • Getting a good fit is easier because most leather chastity belts are size adjustable.
  • It fits with the popular leather bondage, BDSM aesthetic.
  • Being material and softer in feel and appearance can make them less intimidating than other cages.
  • They’re good for short-term wear and anyone who only wants to explore chastity during a play session.

Leather Chastity Belt

Extra Things to Consider

  • Leather is porous. It needs to be cleaned regularly and with care. It shouldn’t be worn and washed in the bath or shower, for example.
  • Stains and marks can appear on the material, and the color may fade with wear.

Caring for Leather Chastity Items

Remove the device and wipe with a clean, damp soapy cloth. For a deeper clean, spray with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner and wipe. And if your device is genuine leather, you should feed and treat it with a leather cleaner.

When not in use, keep the leather out of direct sunlight to stop the color fading.

Your Device Must Complement Your Chastity Preferences

Locking up is more than stuffing your junk in a cage and counting down the days or hours until you’re free. As I mentioned before, it’s as much about mindset and understanding what you want to achieve from following the lifestyle. Understanding this should help you form a stronger opinion when it comes to deciding what material your cage should be made of. Hard wearing metal for long-term denial, or lighter plastic for day-to-day discretion, for example.

Are you still working out what your motivators are? Then try this for size: Setting a chastity goal. What will yours be?

Michael Cole Author Profile Picture

Michael Cole

Michael is the author of the Total Chastity Diary and has been in and out of chastity since his mid-thirties. He’s now 41. He lives and works in Boston, has a white-collar job, and is single by choice. 

“There’s nothing hugely special about me. I’d describe myself as your typical modern, forward-thinking guy. I enjoy sports, staying healthy, love my family and friends, and have a satisfying career that pushes me to work hard so I can enjoy some of life's luxuries. 

I’m whatever constitutes as “normal.” It just so happens that I also enjoy the feeling of putting my cock in a cage, leaving it there for a week or two, then reaping the benefits of being released from my cage. 

Starting my chastity journey felt like starting any other new hobby or interest. I wanted to make sure I was doing it right and had good equipment to help me achieve the results I wanted. But when I began looking into male chastity and cock cages, what I found was a lot of fetish talk. 

While I accept this is what male chastity means for some - dressing up as a sissy, being spanked by a Dominant and whatever - the kinky kicks aren’t what I’m into. 

My hope with the Total Chastity  Diary is to bring a more matter-of-fact voice to chastity experiences.”

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