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Cruel Spiked Chastity Cages

Experience chastity with a bite as you wear a spiked chastity cage. Cages featuring adjustable spikes and screws are the perfect pleasure denial tool as any attempt at a hard-on will be met with spiky resistance. Let your keyholder tease you and see how long you can last.

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Every chaste man has his slip ups from time to time. That’s why his partner should always be prepared to dish out a little punishment when it’s needed. Total Chastity’s range of spiked chastity devices are the perfect tools to teach any underperforming man a lesson.

Two Spiked Chastity Cages in One

All of our spiked models can be worn long term as normal chastity devices with the spikes removed. That means you can expect the same comfort, quality, and restriction you’ll find in the entire Total Chastity range.

Spikes Are Perfect For Punishment

Has your man been watching too much porn? Talking to other women? Not keeping up with his household commitments? What better way to teach him a lesson than a few screws directly pressed into his most precious body part? Each of these cages come with multiple screw holes so you can choose exactly where, and how much, pain he has to endure to get back in your good books.

Spiked Chastity Cages Mean No Chance To Pull Out

If your man has a habit of slipping out of his cage, then try one of our chastity devices with a spiked ring. These slip on easily, but if he tries to pull out without permission it’ll bite down on his penis and prevent him from escaping!

Spikes are Perfect for Cock and Ball Torture

For the more sadistic among you, these chastity cages are the perfect tool to explore cock and ball torture. Each screw can provide him a delightful jolt of pain, and he’ll only experience relief when you decide it’s over.

Choose a spiked chastity device from Total Chastity today and experience the darker side of chastity.

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