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Cellmate V2 App Controlled Chastity Cage

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Experience a life without keys.

Whatever kind of chastity you desire, Cellmate 2 has you covered. This improved version of the original The Cellmate 2 is one of the most interesting on the market, with plenty of features to take you from hero to zero.

Link your Cellmate 2 to the QIUI app and open up a whole new world of chastity. Let your Mistress take control of your cage no matter where she is. Until she presses the button, the cage will remain locked tight, and you’ll be helpless to stop it. Or connect with other users and enjoy a completely anonymous chastity experience. The only thing you’ll have in common is the cage.

Solo slaves can also enjoy chastity more than ever, thanks to the Cellmate 2’s timed unlock feature. Decide how long you want to stay caged, set the timer in the app, and hit go! Until the clock hits zero, your cage will remain firmly locked. Or experiment with the electroshock function to have a truly stimulating chastity experience.

Choose from two sizes, both made with sleek and sturdy polycarbonate and completed with a neoprene finish. This cage is one of the most stylish we’ve ever seen. It’s even waterproof, and leaves space to pee.

If you truly want the Total Chastity experience, look no further than Cellmate 2.

  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Cage Length: REGULAR: 3.9", LONG: 4.7"
  • Cage Width: REGULAR: 1.46", LONG: 1.46"
  • Adjustable Ring Dimensions: 1.85" to 2"
  • Weight: REGULAR: 2.61 ounces, LONG: 2.82 ounces
  • Free Inclusions With Every Purchase: 1 Adjustable Ring, 1 Battery, Wireless Charging Attachment, Charging Cable, User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Package Contents

Cellmate 2 – The app controlled male chastity device. Wherever, whenever, whoever, it doesn’t matter. One click is the difference between freedom and imprisonment.

Each Cellmate 2 Package Includes:

One Cellmate 2 Chastity Device – A stylish, sturdy and waterproof polycarbonate chastity device, with a neoprene finish sure to stand the test of time.

Six Position Adjustable Cock Ring - An easy to use cock ring is already attached to the Cellmate 2 device. Simply move the ring into the right position, and put on the cage.

One Wireless Charging Attachment – A simple to use, slide on charging attachment. Capable of charging the Cellmate 2 both wirelessly and through USB connection.

One USB-C Charging Cable – To be used with the included charging attachment for standard charging capabilities.

Built-In Long Life Battery – The Cellmate 2 battery is pre-installed and will usually last between eight and twelve months of standard use.

User Manual – A complete guide showing you how to use your Cellmate 2 device.

Product Support

Your device will come with a full instruction manual, which we advise reading before you start using your product. If you need the instructions in digital form, please use the link below:


Shipping Information

Your Cellmate will be shipped directly from Total Chastity’s American warehouse. It will be discreetly packaged, and usually arrives anywhere in continental US within four days. International shipping is subject to local services.

A Life Without Keys

Once your Cellmate 2 device is paired with the QIUI app, it can be locked with a simple tap of a button on your phone. That means no temptation for you, and complete peace of mind for your Mistress.

Secure Solo Chastity

Take advantage of the timed release function of the Cellmate 2 to enjoy chastity even when you don’t have a Mistress. Choose how long you want to stay caged, set the timer, and enjoy! Until the clock hits zero, there’s no way to open the cage.

Total Domination

Each Cellmate 2 is capable of providing powerful electric shocks to a slave’s penis. Either Mistress can press one of the three buttons; tremor, vibrate or tingle, or you can use the timer feature, all with customisable shock strength.

A Cage for Anywhere

Made from durable polycarbonate and designed to be waterproof, the Cellmate 2 is the perfect cage for you to wear all the time, even in the shower! You can be sure you’ll be wearing it for many years to come.

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