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Small Chastity Cages

Experience total restriction as you wear a small chastity cage. Our micro cages are the perfect size for a tiny man to be enclosed and denied, and pair perfectly with chastity shrinkage and humiliation play.

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Are you a grower, or just plain small? Maybe you want to reduce your manhood even more, shrinking it down to nothing. Or perhaps you’re just a glutton for punishment!

Shrink Your Cock With Our Smallest Chastity Cages

There are plenty of reasons to choose a smaller chastity cage and Total Chastity is here to fulfill your needs. You might even find that as you start to use smaller and smaller cages, your own cock begins to shrink.

Feel The Squeeze

With some of our smallest chastity models available, your penis will be more restricted than ever. Some models are designed for discomfort with unusual shapes and designs which are perfect for an unruly man who needs punishment.

Ideal For The Smaller Man

Just because he’s got a tiny penis, doesn’t mean you can’t lock it up! These models feature some of our shortest tubes so they’ll fit tightly on even the smallest man.

Discreet And Easy To Hide

If you’re someone who wears their cage all the time, or just like the kinky feeling of taking it out and about, you’re going to want something that doesn’t show through your pants. Our smaller designs are perfect when you’re looking for something light and discreet that you can wear for long periods of time while you’re at work, the gym, or even church!

A Cage For Every Man

Even in our range of small cages you can still choose from stainless-steel, plastic and resin options (with various colors too), so whatever your style we’ve got a small cage for you.

Start shopping for your little man now and enjoy Total Chastity’s lightning fast shipping on every product in this collection!

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