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Possible Male Chastity Health Concerns

Glistenting steel cage

Glistening Steel Penis Cage

When you’re first experimenting with male chastity, or even just browsing the many different chastity devices on the market, one of the first concerns will be safety.

Is It Safe to Wear a Cock Cage?

It’s a reasonable thing to worry about. A man’s penis is a very personal and sensitive area, and it’s perfectly natural to worry what effects wearing a cage or abstaining from sex might have on his health.

Luckily chastity cages are perfectly safe, as long as you know how to use them properly and take reasonable precautions such as cleaning and rest.

What Are the Safety Concerns?

While any chastity store will tell you that their devices are perfectly safe to wear, there are of course some safety concerns that should be considered before you start using one. Wearing a device that’s too tight, letting it get too dirty, or even choosing the wrong material could lead to some nasty side effects.

Luckily these concerns can be easily dealt with by simply making sure that you measure your penis carefully, choose a device that fits properly, wear it correctly, clean it regularly, and avoid materials that you may be allergic to.

While these concerns are genuine and easily avoided, some are talked about in much more detail, and often have a lot of confusion surrounding them.

Can it Cause Penis Shrinkage?

On the list of most common things a man new to chastity worries about, penis shrinkage has to be the one we hear most often. It’s a natural thing to worry about when there are plenty of chaste men online talking about how small their penis gets while wearing their cage.

While it’s true that your manhood can get smaller while wearing your cage, and you can use this to work down to smaller and smaller cages as time goes on, this effect is purely temporary. Once you’ve had your cage off for a day or two, your penis should return to its normal size.

Does it Affect Erections?

Another common worry is that your erections could be permanently affected. While wearing a cage, you can start to get an erection, but it will push against the cage and at first can cause some pain. Over time this goes away, and the man should naturally get erections less often while caged.

Again this is usually a temporary effect, and most men will start having normal erections once their cage is removed.

How About Behavior?

Depending on how you discovered chastity, you might find lots of examples of men who become more feminine, docile, and subservient to their women. This could be worrying if this isn’t the kind of relationship dynamic that you’re interested in.

Perhaps you only want to use chastity to improve your premature ejaculation, or as a kinky change in the bedroom that you only use occasionally.

Luckily, any behavioral effects or “programming” done by a Mistress is totally optional. Usually a couple will discuss these kinds of things when starting out, and note any details down in a chastity contract or set of rules. If you don’t want to be turned into a sissy, you don’t have to be! You can still make use of any chastity device perfectly.

How Long Should You Wear a Chastity Cage?

Hands off silicone cage

Hands Off Silicone Cage

If you’ve got over some of the initial fears and decided to try out male chastity, then you might be wondering how long it’s safe to wear your new device.

Note: Total Chastity provides this advice for informational purposes only. If you have more detailed questions about how long it’s safe for you personally to wear a chastity device, then please consult your doctor.

You’ve probably seen stories of men who’ve stayed locked up for months or even years at a time with no adverse effects. For the most part, this is completely true. As long as your device is properly fitted, regularly removed for cleaning, and well looked after, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to wear your cage as long as you want.

When starting out, we advise you to work your way up to longer periods of time. Start with half an hour or so and get used to wearing the cage. Then work your way up to an hour or two, and gradually increase the length as time goes on.

You might also want to take your cage off overnight, even if you’re enjoying a long stint of chastity. Sometimes night erections can be painful if you’re wearing a cage, and you can always put it back on in the morning. This is a bit of a personal decision, so give it a try and listen to your own body.

Long-Term Effects of Wearing a Cock Cage

While many of the things a chastity cage can accomplish might seem like they could have a long-term effect, there is no real evidence of this. Any “shrunken penises” usually return to their normal size, erections go back to normal, and by all accounts everything works as intended.

Any psychological or physical effects you deliberately aim to achieve can of course be maintained long-term, and even continued without your cage. Weight-loss, dedication, even being more caring and trusting of your partner are all traits that many men (and women) will want to keep for the rest of their lives.

Important Reminders

With all the scary stuff out of the way, there are two important things you need to remember for your safety and security while wearing a chastity cage: backup keys and cleaning.

Emergency Escape

While most of the time your use of a chastity device will be simple and routine, there may be an occasion where you need to get the cage off. If you don’t have access to your keys because you’ve sent them to a keyholding service, or your partner is at work, then you could find yourself in a bit of a bind.

That’s why it’s important to always have a spare set of keys to your cage, and plan for you to be able to access them in an emergency. For many men, this will simply be a spare key kept in a secure location. Something like a cupboard you don’t use often, or somewhere in the garage.

For some men the temptation of a spare key may be too much to deal with, so alternative arrangements need to be made. You could give a spare set of keys to a neighbor and put your cage key on it. In an emergency you can just say you forgot your keys, but ask too regularly and they might start to get suspicious.

Another option is a secure lock box. Your partner can set the code, and then the box can go somewhere you can access it easily. In an emergency they can send you the code and you can access your key.

Regular Cleaning

Sissy in pink red cage

Sissy in Pink Chastity Cage (Red Model)

Even the most open and breathable chastity cage will still end up a bit smelly after a few days. You are peeing with it on after all!

To keep your penis (and cage) in tip top condition, you’ll need to be taking the device off and thoroughly cleaning it on a regular basis. While it’s off, you should also give your penis a thorough wash as well.

We usually recommend that a cage cleaning session takes place at least once a week, but more often is even better.

Don’t Be Afraid, Try Chastity Today

Even though there are plenty of things to worry about when starting out with male chastity, most of the time it’s a very simple process to keep things safe and secure. Don’t be afraid of your worries, try a cage today and see just how easy it is!

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