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What to Expect During Your First Week in Chastity

Plus 4 Mental Strength Techniques to Help You Through the Toughest Moments

Gold metal chastity cage

Golden Chamber Metal Urethral Chastity

Deciding to wear a cock cage can be exciting. So too can shopping for your first chastity device. But the reality of chastity life doesn’t usually sink in until you try wearing one for a sustained period.

I am, of course, talking about that first full week.

Experiencing your first full week in chastity is somewhat of a rite of passage. It tests the nerves, as well as the fit of the device. And the discovery many make is that truly understanding the experience of wearing a cage is only felt once the device has been worn for more than a few hours, or a day at a time.

Whether you’re a chastity beginner, or approaching your first experience of being unlocked, this chastity schedule is a timeline for your first week of being caged. It’s based on shared knowledge and insights from those who have been locked and unlocked, and then locked again. Hopefully, by getting a feel for what to expect in your first full week in chastity you’ll find the journey more manageable.

Building Up to Your First Caged Week

Jumping in at the deep end and locking yourself up for days may be tempting. But it’s not recommended. Similar to a new exercise routine when your body needs to get used to the different movements and weights, the same is true of chastity. It’s a good idea to give your body a chance to adapt to chastity and what you’re asking it to do.

Common first-time chastity problems such as chafing, compression, and friction can be avoided (or minimized) by steadily increasing the amount of time you spend in your cage. You also need to give yourself a chance to figure out how your cage works (so you can get it on and off easily in case of emergencies), and get into a cleaning routine rhythm that suits you.

Start slowly. Wear your chastity cage for a few hours. During that time, listen to your body. Taking your cage for a proper test drive will help you prepare for your first full week in chastity.

Start slowly by wearing your chastity cage for a few hours. During that time, listen to your body. Is there any discomfort? Do you enjoy how the cage feels against your body, and how it looks under your clothes? If it’s a success, increase the amount of time you wear it during the day around your home. Then take the next step, and wear it out of the house. Finally, try taking a nap with it on. This will help you get a feel for sleeping in a cage.

Taking your cage for a proper test drive will prepare you for your first full week in chastity, and give you a chance to smooth out any kinks. That way, when it’s time to lock up for a full week you can minimize any distractions or reasons to uncage.

Key and padlock

Premium Chastity Lock and Key

The Week 1 Timeline

With your build up complete, you’re ready to commit to your first week of total lock up. Everyone’s chastity experience is different. And it’s vital to go at your own pace. With that said, here are some things you may experience in (roughly) this order.

Day 1: A Real Mixed Bag

This is the day you—or your partner—fits your cage and you put the keys somewhere safe for the next 7 days. There will be nervousness (What am I getting into?), and excitement (I’m finally doing what I’ve been wanting to try for months), and you’ll probably feel quite horny (Dammit. Now that I can’t have it, I want it). You can expect your arousal levels to be higher than usual for a few days. And if you have a partner, you might find yourself being extra affectionate towards them.

Night 1: Settle In for a Restless Evening

Spending 8 hours caged with little movement and when you’re most vulnerable to involuntary erections means you’re unlikely to sleep peacefully on your first night of being locked up. Take heart. For most guys, the number of hard-ons and their frequency reduces the longer they’re locked up. While overnight erections are unlikely to vanish completely, as time goes on they’re less likely to wake you up.

Another thing to be aware of is that your body’s temperature fluctuates overnight. In response, your testes may drop or pull up. If you start experiencing pain during your slumber, a simple cage adjustment may be all you need. Adjust your cage by pulling the ring back towards your body, making sure the scrotum is fully through the ring.

Day 2: The Novelty Wears Off

There’s likely to be good news and bad news on day 2. The bad news is those feel-good, happy, excited vibes may well have worn off after a crappy night’s sleep. You may find yourself bouncing off the walls feeling either:

  • Crazy horny, with sex and your cock being the only things you can think about.
  • Tired, fed up, and tempted to abandon your attempt.

The good news is your cage might feel different. As if it’s becoming part of you. Some guys report that by day 2 they forget the cage is there, and that the weight and feel of it starts to feel natural. Whether this happens on day 2 or a little later is a good sign. It means your body is adapting.

Night 2: Chafing usually occurs. Minimize the discomfort by applying Vaseline, baby oil, or some of your favorite lubricant to the area before going to sleep.

Night 2: Be Prepared

Forty-eight hours of continual wear is a milestone. It’s also when chafing usually occurs. You can minimize the discomfort by applying Vaseline, baby oil, or some of your favorite lubricant to the area before going to sleep.

Day 3: Check In With Yourself

You may start to feel things you’ve never experienced before. The amount of rubbing or compression you feel from your cage may have increased, which makes sense because you’re wearing it more. But check to make sure that’s all it is. Blue balls or discoloration to the shaft of your penis are signs the device needs removing immediately.

Night 3: Sleep Will Come

By the third night you will, hopefully, have found ways to get comfortable enough so you can enjoy some solid sleep. Whether it’s using extra pillows, sleeping on your back or side, or applying products to help with the chafing, night 3 should start to feel easier. You may even find its possible to sleep through some semi-erections. But don’t worry if you’re not. As mentioned earlier, men who have been in long-term chastity for years still get woken up by involuntary erections. You’re only 3 nights in. It will get easier.

Day 4: A Sort of Enlightenment

By day 4 you’re a little over halfway through your first full week of chastity. Your reasons for choosing this life may start to sink in, particularly if you’re sharing this experience with a partner. You may start to feel the emphasis on your pleasure and satisfaction lessen as you channel your energy into other areas of your life.

Sensitivity to touch may also increase. Discovering other erogenous zones may suddenly be easier. Depending on whether you’re in chastity for orgasm denial or control, you may start to explore the joys of hands-free orgasms.

Day 5 and 6: Pushing Your Limits

Even though the end is in sight, days 5 and 6 are often the toughest. Sleep deprivation, chafing, compression, and days of being denied arousal may make you question whether you’re cut out for a life of cage wearing. Feelings of anger and frustration are common. Now’s the time to lean on your keyholder or the chastity community for support. Use their words of encouragement to get you through.

Day 7: Hit That Goal!

Let the sense of achievement wash over you. Completing an entire week in your chastity device is a milestone. Many report that once they’ve overcome those first 7 days, locked up life gets a lot easier. All you need to decide now is whether day 7 is release day or you’ll keep going. (Listen to your body when answering that one.)

Metal chastity cage

Solitary Confinement Metal Chastity Cage

Get Through Your First Week Using These 4 Mental Strength Techniques

This ‘first week’ chastity timeline is just a guide. You may experience some of the things mentioned, or cruise right through it. But if you do encounter moments when you feel like you’re struggling, how can you get through them without reaching for your keys? Here are 4 ways to stay mentally strong during the week’s toughest moments.

1. Learn to Relax

If you find yourself fixating on your cage, how it feels, and how horny you are, you’re likely to tense up and exacerbate those feelings. Replace them by finding ways to relax. Meditation, reading, walking, working out, stretching, and cooking are just a few things to try when you need something else to focus on.

Celebrate the smaller milestones that you reach throughout the week. For example, if you’ve never made it through 2 days and 72 hours later you’re still in your cage, give yourself kudos.

2. Set a Realistic Timeframe for Being Locked Up

And don’t be afraid to celebrate the smaller milestones you reach throughout the week. For example, if you’ve never made it through 2 days of continual chastity and you’re still in your cage 72 hours later, give yourself kudos for that.

3. Find Support

You’re not an island. And there’s no reason to go through your first full week of chastity alone. If you have a keyholder, turn to them when you’re struggling. They should be there to support you. (The style in which they give that support will depend on the dynamic of your relationship.)

Don’t have a keyholder? Then lean on the chastity community by posting about your experience on the forums. As I said earlier, you’ll probably get plenty of, “Been there, done that,” responses. This may give your own experience context, and help you feel less alone.

4. Recognize Your Triggers

As the week goes on, you’re likely to learn more about what arouses you or makes you demand sex. And they may be things you’ve never recognized in yourself before. By identifying these triggers, you can start actively avoiding them and giving yourself an easier time.

What Comes Next?

Spending 7 whole days in a cock cage for the first time won’t be an enjoyable experience all of the time. But the pleasure will always outweigh the crappy bits. If the experience didn’t provide enough positives, many of us wouldn’t remain locked up. And it’s this mentality that makes us flirt with the idea of permanent chastity.

Michael Cole Author Profile Picture

Michael Cole

Michael is the author of the Total Chastity Diary and has been in and out of chastity since his mid-thirties. He’s now 41. He lives and works in Boston, has a white-collar job, and is single by choice. 

“There’s nothing hugely special about me. I’d describe myself as your typical modern, forward-thinking guy. I enjoy sports, staying healthy, love my family and friends, and have a satisfying career that pushes me to work hard so I can enjoy some of life's luxuries. 

I’m whatever constitutes as “normal.” It just so happens that I also enjoy the feeling of putting my cock in a cage, leaving it there for a week or two, then reaping the benefits of being released from my cage. 

Starting my chastity journey felt like starting any other new hobby or interest. I wanted to make sure I was doing it right and had good equipment to help me achieve the results I wanted. But when I began looking into male chastity and cock cages, what I found was a lot of fetish talk. 

While I accept this is what male chastity means for some - dressing up as a sissy, being spanked by a Dominant and whatever - the kinky kicks aren’t what I’m into. 

My hope with the Total Chastity  Diary is to bring a more matter-of-fact voice to chastity experiences.”

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