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Chastity Cages

Shop our full range of chastity cages to find your perfect style. Experience tension, buildup, and release on another level with male chastity devices tailored to your ideal restriction level, available in comfortable sizes and tough materials.

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Male chastity is a lifestyle with fulfilling and enjoyable benefits. Actively controlling your libido and sexuality can be an empowering decision, but it also comes with the responsibility of choosing the right chastity cage. This device will be worn day in and possibly night out, so choosing a comfortable device that suits your needs and preferences is essential.


Choosing your Male Chastity Cage Material

When it comes to finding the perfect chastity cage, material is the most important consideration. Getting the right weight, hardness and feeling for your needs is key to ensuring a snug fit that is suitable for long term wear. All our devices are formed from the following hygienic, non-porous materials. Though there are other materials available, we recommend sticking with these 4.

Metal Cock Cages

Crafted from stainless steel or aluminum, metal chastity cages are favored by many for their distinct feel and unmistakable presence. Known for their durability, hardness, and weight, they provide a secure fit and can withstand long-term wear. Though they may not be as comfortable as other materials due to their inflexibility, metal cages are still the ultimate choice for total denial.

Silicone Cock Cages

Silicone cock cages are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable for extended wear. They're also easy to clean and maintain. However, they may not provide the same level of security as metal cages. Silicone makes an excellent choice for beginners who want to get a feel for the chastity lifestyle without the feeling of claustrophobia and restriction some feel from rigid cages.

Resin and Plastic

Resin chastity cages offer a balance between comfort and security while also being lightweight. Plastic cages tend to be less expensive but may not last as long or provide the same level of comfort as silicone.


Measuring for a Perfectly Fitted Cock Cage

A well-fitted chastity cage is key to both comfort and security. Too big, and you’ll find the cage may fall off or be easy to escape from. Too small and it will be restrictive and uncomfortable, possibly even dangerously so.

Before beginning measuring, we recommend taking a warm bath as this will ensure blood-flow to your genitals, so they are not smaller than they may naturally grow to be when caged.

To find the right chastity cage length, measure your penis length from base to tip while flaccid. Allow a little bit of room for growth as your penis may become slightly erect occasionally. For the most comfortable fit, your penis should almost touch the end of the cage with just a bit of room to spare.

For the ring size, measure around both your balls and flaccid penis with a tape measure. Again, leave a little bit of room for comfort and expansion. Our ring sizes are measured by diameter, so in order to find the right size ring, simply divide the distance around your cock and balls by 3.14. Voila, your perfect ring size.

While most of our cages offer several rings to accommodate various sizes, some require precise measurements for optimal fitting & measuring is always recommended before buying a cage. Changes in body-weight can affect your measurements as well, so even if you’ve measured before you should measure before trying any new device.


Types of Male Chastity Cages

There are many different cages available, with each type offering a distinct use, aesthetic or design style. Most chastity cage types are available in any material which allows you to choose your desired style without worrying about the material.

Sissy Chastity Devices

Featuring feminine designs and colors, sissy chastity cages are intended to make the wearer feel feminine and provide a feeling of submission or humiliation. Our favorite sissy cages include pretty pink cages, the Gold Sissy Cage which makes your locked up cock look like labia, and the popular FuFu clips which invert your penis and make your balls look like a vagina.

Inverted Chastity Devices

Another choice popular for a feminine look, inverted cock cages are typically made from steel & do just what they say, invert your penis back into your body. Also known as negative chastity cages, people will appear to have no penis at all while wearing them. To wear, simply put your balls and penis through the ring, then use the barrel on the cage to push your penis back into your body before locking the cage and ring together.

Flat Chastity Devices

Featuring a low-profile design that allows for discreet wear under clothing without creating noticeable bulges, flat chastity cages are a popular choice for public wear, such as at work. This makes them a great choice for permanent chastity, though they are somewhat limited in use for people with larger-than-average anatomy.

Spiked Chastity Cages

Spiked chastity cages are designed with spikes or other protrusions to prevent pull-out attempts and discourage erections. Other models have threaded screw-holes so that you can insert screws to your desired length and sharpness, allowing kinkier users to inflict constant pain for a more intense experience.

Urethral Chastity Cages

Not for the faint of heart, these cock cages have a built-in urethral sound or catheter for a more intense experience, often used in BDSM scenarios. They also allow for mess-free toilet use.

Electric Chastity Cages

Electric shock chastity cages deliver electrical stimulation to the wearer, adding another level of intensity and control.


Open vs Closed Chastity Cage Designs

Open-design cock cages feature a hole at the end for easy urination and often have breathing holes for added comfort and hygiene, making them ideal for long-term or permanent chastity. Closed chastity device designs completely enclose the penis, providing total denial and increased security but are not ideal for long-term wear as they must be removed every time you use the toilet.


Padlocks, Integrated Locks or Electronic Chastity Devices?

There are 3 main lock types used in chastity cages, each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Integrated locks are built into the device, typically using cylinder locks. These offer comfort and quality while maintaining security as there is no external lock clinking around. Our more premium cages typically feature these as they are higher quality.

Electronic locks can be app-controlled or timed, offering additional control options. Aftermarket timed locks are available for those wishing to replace a key padlock, but we recommend not setting the lock any longer than 24 hours as cleaning is necessary, and if you need to get out for any reason, then 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time. The lock can always be reset for another period without taking it off. Electronic locks offer wearers a built-in reward mechanism, allowing you to set a period when you can finally get out and if you desire, have an orgasm.

Padlocked cock cages are simple and affordable but may be less discreet due to protruding padlocks. Some padlocks tie through a metal cord which holds the 3 securing pins together and these designs are typically less protruding and noisy.


Male Chastity Safety Considerations

Given the locking nature of chastity cages, it’s critical that you always have a way to get out of your cock cage if necessary. We recommend always having at least 2 keys in a secure place, that way If you lose one of the spare keys, then you can cut another one at a locksmith. Our range of chastity devices includes at least two keys with each purchase.

If disaster strikes and all keys are lost, some plastic and silicone designs can be broken with care by snapping the ring. This must be done very carefully If you find yourself in a metal cage, unfortunately professional assistance is necessary as the ring must be grinded off. To save yourself an embarrassing emergency response call, always keep a spare key.


Hygiene and Maintenance Tips

Because there is risk of UTI’s and infections if your genitals are not frequently cleaned, keeping your cock cage and penis clean during long-term lock-ups is important. Most cages with open-designs can be cleaned while worn during showers, but over time the tighter nooks and crannies can be neglected if your cage is not taken off. Keep a nose out for odors and if you do notice any, remove the cage, clean it by gently scrubbing with warm soapy water. Dry it thoroughly before putting it back on as this will prevent rust alongside a warm moist environment in which bacteria thrives.

A common misconception among those practicing permanent chastity is that their device can never be removed. This is incorrect – permanent chastity is a lifestyle and a choice, and your cage is simply there to aid you in the journey. Your cock cage must be removed and cleaned whenever it becomes dirty regardless of your desired chastity period.


Male chastity is a personal journey that requires careful consideration. By understanding how to safely wear your chastity cage, you'll be better equipped to make the perfect choice for your needs.

Explore the world of chastity with confidence and style by browsing our range of premium chastity devices. Whether you're seeking a discreet, comfortable cage for long-term wear or an intense, secure device for BDSM play, we offer something for everyone.

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